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Convenience Store

Need Wildcat Service?

At Wildcat Petroleum, we’re here to help ensure that your fueling and convenience store operations remain at peak effectiveness.  We provide installation, support services, and perform upgrades for an extensive range of fuel dispensers, point of sale systems, and fuel monitoring equipment.   

Fuel Dispensing Equipment

Fuel Dispensing Equipment

Ensure that your customers have a fast and comfortable experience at the pump. Wildcat installs and services the most up-to-date Gilbarco systems, including:

  • Encore 700
  • Encore 300 / 500
  • Advantage
  • MPD
  • Legacy
  • Highline
POS Systems (Point of Sale)

POS Systems (Point of Sale)

Efficiency and reliability at the point of sale are critical to the profitability of your business.  Our team installs and provides support services for the most up-to-date Gilbarco and Verifone POS systems, including:

  • Gilbarco Passport PX60 All-in-One
  • Gilbarco Passport PX52
  • Verifone Commander, Topaz, Ruby2, RubyCi, and Ruby Sapphire
Fuel Monitoring Systems

Fuel Monitoring Systems

Properly functioning fuel monitoring systems enable you to stay current with environmental regulations and manage your fuel operations at maximum efficiency. We install and provide support services for all Veeder-Root fuel monitoring systems, and will service various other systems.


Europay, MasterCard, Visa

Let us help you stay compliant with the financial services industry with the use of EMV technology. EMV, referred to as “chip” technology, helps to reduce losses at the point of sale and fuel dispenser, and protects you and your customers from fraud.

Start-up & Installation. Service. Warranty. We do it all.

Start-up. Service. Warranty. We do it all.

Wildcat Petroleum is an Authorized Service Contractor for Gilbarco Veeder-Root and Verifone. How can we meet your needs?